The Best Dog Fields In The Area! Great For Nervous Dogs and Training!

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Posted On January 12, 2023

Dog Training in a Field. credit: zhan zhang e5thHbI70uw unsplash

Private dog fields have been popping up all over the place and for a lot of good reasons. 

Some dogs haven’t got the best recall and a secure dog field gives them the opportunity for freedom without the risk of losing them.

They are also a great place to practise your recall in a secure safe space.

Some dogs are scared of dogs and a secure dog field again is great for allowing freedom whilst not becoming stressed if get approached by an off lead dog. 

Again owners of rescue dogs that might be high risk of flight might find dog fields useful.

Here are some of the best local ones:


Is in South Milford and is great, you can drive your car right onto the fields so there is no risk of passing a dog in the car park. It also has a field with a swimming pond which a lot of dogs would love. There’s also plenty of toys and poo bags.

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Poppy enjoying Mutley’s Dog Park
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Bear swimming at Mutley’s.

Woofing Woods

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Its over Bramhope way but I have included it because its pretty special, it has 4.5 acres of woodland for pooches to roam around in. Which is a lot larger than most and you can actually walk around it so it makes it feel more like a walk. There is also a smaller enclosed area for practicing training.

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Poochie Park

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Is Sherburn in Elmet, it is a large secure field and there is also a raw food specialist shop on site.

Unleashed Dog Park

Is just outside Castleford is, there are a couple of good size fields and plenty of toys and some agility equipment.

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The Dog Pitch

In Allerton Bywater is a good size field with loads of toys and plenty of agility equipment too. It also has a covered area with seats, which is great if it’s raining.

Lowfield Meadow

FB IMG 1673533729524
Some fo the equipment at Lowfield Meadow in Monk Fryston

Is in Monk Fryston which is 1.5 acre field, it has covered area for dog guardians and you can drive your car onto the field so you can let your dogs straight out.

If you have any recommendations or thoughts on the above parks, please comment below.

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